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This That and EveryThing

Nihal's personal site. Writings are my own, and don't tend to make a lot of sense, except when they do.

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I have a newsletter now! It’s called Propwash, and you can find it here.

What’s It about ?

Propwash is the place where I write about the Drone industry, and share the most important developments happening in the space. It contains all the relevant industry news, company breakdowns, trends and market research, and content to keep you up to date and on the edge of the latest developments in the drone space.

will I be spammed?

Of course not! I will grace your inbox only once a week for the weekly update.

Where can I find it?

You can find it here. You can find all past and future issues there. Thanks to Revue for making it very easy to start this project! You can subscribe to the newsletter below.

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